Kwaddendamme Netherlands 2015

Mio frattello Enrico Crivellaro from Padova Italy.  Such a great player and an even greater man. We've played some great shows in some amazing places. Russia and Kenya to name a couple. Check out his stuff here

Here's a video of the two of us doing a radio show somewhere on the French/German border. I don't remember exactly where it was.


The Radio Kings, Memphis TN 1994

Blast from the past. Photo shoot for the It Ain't Easy record.
Memphis became our second home for the next 5 years. Special thanks to Jay Sheffield for making it all happen.

with Dave Clarke, Michael Dinallo and Forrest "Frosty" Padgett


Hmmm, what can I say about the Radio Kings? It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. I think that sums it up well.

Benefit for The Nazareth House - Quincy MA 

Left to Right - Billy Loosigian, Johnny "Bluehorn" Moriconi, Monster Mike Welch, Kit Holliday, Scott Shetler, Michelle Willson, Forrest "Frosty" Padgett, Cheryl Arena, Michael "Mudcat" Ward and Bruce Bears. All these wonderful men and women donated their abundant talent to help homeless women and their children.

Nairobi Kenya

The Enrico Crivellaro Band - Live in the Wild

Left to right - Carmine Bloisi (Drums), Simone Serafini (Bass), Pietro Taucher (Keys) and Enrico

This was an experience I will never forget! We played as part of a fashion show in a game reserve. The guards told us not to stray too far from the venue as it was possible we could be attacked by hyenas or even lions.


Simone and I hanging with some kids in the apartment complex where we were staying.


The Home Shows - Summer 2000 House of Blues Cambridge MA, City of Presidents Blues Fest Quincy MA,  Sons of Italy Hall Woburn MA

What a band! - Monster Mike Welch, David Hull, Warren "Goldie" Grant, Anita Suhanin, Vykki Vox and special guest Matt Woodburn.

The making of this record was (to this day) one of the greatest experiences of my career, for many reasons. Firstly, Mike was an excellent producer (I think he was only 20 years old at the time) and it was he who put together David and Warren for the rhythm section. He took my songs and brought his own vision to them. He knew what I wanted even when I didn't. His guitar/cranked up Marshall horn section on "Dead Love" is pure power and genius. This was my first time working with Ducky Carlisle. He's one of the best period! The period leading up to these sessions was a tough time in my life. The Radio Kings dream was dead and I was uncertain of my future in music. It ended up being a rebirth and the beginning of a new chapter.  Many thanks to Dexter and Robert at Stone Cold Records for having the faith in me to make this record a reality. This record is long out print but you can buy a download of it here!

Photos by my brother Randy Macdonald. He also took the photos for the "home" cover. In fact, all my solo record covers are graced with his talent.